Compost toilets to buy and rent for small and large events
An inviting place to follow your natural business and do good for the earth puts a comfortable smile on your face.
The challenge of a mind change
Do you feel comfortable talking about feces and urine? When was the last time you spoke to your friends about your stool? Probably not regularly, or you've never done it at all. "Why should I?" or "What kind of conversation is that?" These or similar thoughts have just crossed your mind, correct?

If you are not Louis IX., the Sun King of France, whose defecation had to be observed, judged and discussed by the court every morning, you are among the 99% of people for whom the subject is taboo or at least unpleasant. So, you are in good company.
Feces and urine are taboo
Because the topic is taboo, we are losing valuable raw materials. We replace these domestic raw materials with artificial ones. Chemical companies produce these ecologically questionable products with costly, energy-consuming processes.
Losing valuable raw material
North America has many different raw materials: oil, gas, coal, diamonds, gold, and even feces and urine. What is the difference? Except for the two latter, the others are valued and even traded on stock exchanges. Feces composted and urine adequately processed can become a cheap and natural fertilizer for industry and households. Millions of tons of this renewable raw material are completely neglected today.
One flash and it is gone
Typically, we use our toilets several times a day without giving it much thought. The water used for flushing generally is drinking water. Water is a vital resource for humans, and we must take care of it also in North America. Therefore, is it suitable that the elixir of life, drinking water, is used for flushing the toilet?
Feel good - Do good - Smile
Imaging you do not have to change any of your habits or behaviour, and you are doing good for the environment. If that does not make you smile, at least a little bit.
Nice Smell
The feedback from our visitors is clear: No unpleasant smell!
Inviting Place To Rest
Visitors are delighted with the layout and the materials used.
Renewable Resources
About 90% of our rental solutions are built with wood. We even use wood chips for "flushing".
Raw Material Harvested
Urine and feces are not merely waste. Both products are highly valuable raw materials.
Comfortable and environmentally friendly
Use our compost toilet solutions and contribute to a better environment by harvesting valuable raw materials and returning them to the natural cycle.
Buy or rent a portable compost toilet solution
When you visit our visitor-friendly rental toilets, you will immediately see, smell and feel the difference to ordinary plastic rental toilets. Your experience is much more inviting and odourless than with standard rental toilets. By adding wood shavings, we achieve visual protection and neutralization of the odour.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail. We attach great importance to quality, hygiene and a comfortable stay. Once you have tried our compost toilets, you will not want another one.

They are ideal for consumer events, markets, parties, birthdays, festivals, in the VIP area, backstage, parties, weddings, theatre, camping, allotment gardens, guest toilet, construction sites, hunting lodges, SAC huts, film shoots, open airs, musicals, horticulture, cultural events and much more,

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Planning a large event
Kompotoi offers you the most ecological and pleasant solution for your event. Kompotoi has developed a unique toilet for festivals. It is a foldable model that can be assembled and disassembled very efficiently.

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The 3 easy step plan
Call us
We are looking forward to your call. Our sanitary experts will listen to you and will be happy to assist you. It is of great concern to us that your event will be a success. You and your guests deserve the best sanitation solution and service.
We deliver
Our trained and friendly staff delivers your ordered compost toilets based on your instructions. For recurring events, we try to always have the same staff on delivery.
Now enjoy your event together with your guests without any further interruptions. And when Mother Nature demands a trip to the toilet, allow yourself the fun and see how the visit of our composting toilets leaves smiles on the faces of your guests.
We do not just care about toilets
We care about you, your family and the environment
9 billion pounds
Amount of chemical fertilizer that could be replaced with the urine people in North America produce each year.
320 pounds
Amount of wheat that could be grown in a year with the fertilizer from one adult's urine.
470 liters
Approximate volume of urine an adult produces each year.
80 percent
Portion of the nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in wastewater caused by human waste.
1.2 trillion gallons
Total of drinkable water we use each year to flush toilets.
4'000 gallons
Amount of water you could save per year by diverting urine for fertilizer.
We make a better earth
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